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Which ATI card should i get?

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First of all i would like to say hi this is my first post

Im wondering first of all what the differences are and which card should i buy. I prefer ATI just because.... Recently ive perused the ATI website and they have a ton of new cards out.

Ive searched on the internet but cannot find out a comparison chart or what with just the ati cards on it.

Anyway im looking to spend around 200 - 300 dollars on it. I have 3.00 P4 Intel. Also about 1 gig in ram. Has to be AGP though as i dont have a pci-e slot yet.

Also whats the difference between x850 pro and the x850 besides the price....

Thanks for your help.
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Originally Posted by Marshall82

But if you like ATI the a nice x850XT would be a good choice, none of the newer high-end cards support AGP though

Uh, the 7800GS + x1600PRO do. But yea, I would take a peek at the 6800GS, good price for what you get and most of them unlock to 16/6 (AGP only)
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