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Hello everyone,

So currently I own a M51AD pre-built system and it's a micro-atx case. I am ready to increase case size so that I can water-cool my cpu with an open custom loop. The case can be found by looking up asus m51ad. My gpu is a 1070 and cpu is an i7 4790s. The cpu will in the future be either the 8700k/9700k/zen2, which is why I am looking to putting it under water so when I overclock, I am not limited by temps but rather voltage. So here are some conditions for this case:

-No budget. The sky is the limit. With that being said, don't recommend a $2000 case if the quality isn't there or it doesn't offer much for the $, etc. Furthermore, if the expensive case goes way beyond the other conditions met and is overkill, don't recommend it as well. In other words, only recommend these expensive cases if it makes sense, and then I will consider buying it.

-This case must be a full tower in order to fit a open custom loop for my cpu. I have no plans for the gpu as Pascal doesn't seem to benefit much from being under water, but I may put future gpu's under water as well if they benefit from it. So do keep that in mind. Furthermore, I will only be putting 1 ssd and 1 hdd for now, and possibly 1 more drive later on. I doubt I will need any more drives other than that. Finally, it must be big enough to fit dual gpu cards in case I ever go sli. I don't think I will ever need more than 2 cards.

-Case must fit atx mobo. as I might sli later on, which isn't possible on micro-atx mobo.

-Lastly, I don't care about rgb or windows. So if you find a case that is expensive because of the glass windows, or the rgb, please look for another one. If I am going to invest in a expensive case, it's gonna be for space for my custom loop or expandability, not for rgb or windows on the case.

Guys, please make sure these conditions are met when looking around. I appreciate the help, as I am still new to the pc world. Thanks again.
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