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Which cpu heatsink is better than mine?

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Some of you may know i am planning on overclocking my cpu to 3ghz and i am a bit worried about heating. Currently my temps are 28C, 30C max at idle and about 35-40C under when i play games like crysis although i bump up my fan speeds. I have arranged my case fans so my high speed yate loons is an exhaust right behind my cpu fan so it draws out more air and i have another yate loon right above my cpu fan blowing on it. I saw this fan at fry's like this one but not blue http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16835106123 i also think it had a bigger fan. I want to know which heatsink should i get to keep my temps around what i have now after i overclock? I read that Trues are good and then i saw the CM V8 which i don't think will fit in my case.
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