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Which direction do i point it?

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So this is a crude pic of my soon to be Antec 900.

The pink rectangles are the current fans
The green is my mobo
the red block at the bottom is my PSU
the Black square is a TRUE black (with Yate Loon D12M-12)
the yellow square is a HR-05 NB Cooler (with Panaflo 80mm)
The blue arrows are the "anticipated" airflow

The rest of the setup will be as it is in my sig

So i have some questions

1. which direction do i point the TRUE+fan
2. which direction do i point the NB Cooler+fan
3. do i need to put another fan in the black rectangle with pink border?
4. should I put all fans on medium setting, except the back exhaust which is to be replaced with a Yate Loon D12M-12


BTW i'll be doing the base cut-out for the PSU airflow (like N2Gaming did in BBNB)
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I would point them both back because if you point the cpu fan up, it will draw in heat from the NB. I guess pointing the cpu fan up and nb back would also be ok. Get a good fan controller and dial it in from there. I found a setup that gives me better temps than all on high.

I would orient the TRUE fan toward whichever fan has the higher cfm.

Try to orient the NB cooler fan toward the rear (if the TRUE fan is directed upward, this might help the CPU temp a wee-bit.

The fan on the interior might be a good idea, but you may have to experiment. When it comes to air-cooling, "more" is not necessarily "better".

Fan speed ought to be dictated by internal air-pressure: Try to keep it balanced.
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Thanks for the ideas.
I think i'll seat the TRUE pointing at the top fan. With the bend in the NB HR-05 and the Panaflo behind it, i'm anticipating it'll push the hot air towards the rear of the case.

I'll see how the temps perform and then decide whether to test the extra internal fan. I guess my other option would be to use the side fan to either push or pull air as appropriate. If i used it as another exhaust that would leave me with a pretty nagative pressure though.

There should be a decent air flow funnelled in from the upper front fan (i might experiment with this on high and the HDD fan on medium) especially because the Yate Loon would be damn efficient at clearing out the rear of the case.
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