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Hi Guys,

I'm going to buy a new fan controller very soon and I wish to get some advice from you experts

Right now I have the nesteq FanMax 8 channel fan controller.
link is here:

I have 8 Fans in my case, planning to have 11 for push pull later in the future with some scythe gentle typhoons but not yet so i only need a 8 channel controller for now.

I was thinking of getting the new Lamptron FC8 controller

OR getting 2 NZXT SENTRY 2's

One thing I don't like about the nzxt sentry is that its plastic and not brushed and I was wondering, i saw in a review is that you can only put the fan speed down to 40% lowest, is that equivalent to 7w or what?

Another thing is that I want red led's on the controller, the sentry doesn't really count because its touchscreen and multi coloured so i don't mind, whereas the lamptron has interchangeable colour (i think) (i hope)
No led's is also ok but would prefer it with, or with a screen, I don't really want temperature readings tbh with you because of the messy probes all up in my case and shizzle but wouldn't mind it.

The reason I'm getting a new controller is because the led's on my current controller jar me to hell, soooo brightttt.....

right now i'm leaning more to the lamptron.

tell me what you guys think and feel free to reccomend me some aswel.My budget is about £50 MAX, i don't really want to pay that much for a fan controller.I will be selling my nesteq to add funds for the new one.

Thanks guys and so sorry for the long post, I ALWAYS put long posts.

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I see this was 6 days ago so I don't know if this helps or not, but I went with the Rheobus Extreme (Review Here) made by Sunbeam REVISION 2. Be sure to get the second revision if you get it.

I was really impressed with the fact that in the review the reviewer marked three pretty substantial things that they were dissatisfied with involving the product. So guess what? The company actually listened and fixed it. They sent out a second revision of the fan controller to the reviewer and it was top notch!

I purchased the second revision (as you probably guessed) and remember, this fan controller and like most modern ones support 30W per fan channel (aka per knob) so if you have some lower power/speed fans you can piggy back more than one per channel.

I'm running 3 GT-AP 15's per channel (Only about 12 - 15 W) to power my 18 fans on my rad. They are working flawlessly and beautifully. Once again I do recommend this fan controller as the craftsmanship on the revision two is very very high quality.

A note to remember, it's important to get a decent fan controller because if they overheat they can burn some things up including themselves/fans.

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I would go with the NZXT controller. From what it looks like, it is an internal controller. Meaning it can be mounted into one of the bays in your case. I know NZXT does make controllers that are external that would need to sit on a desk but I don't believe that this one is external. The NZXT also has a nice price compared to that Lamptron. Also the NZXT has a variety of colors which you already stated. The Lamptron seemed a tad dull.

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People have had issues the Screen display such as corruption and calibration issues plus false readings. You may want to get either the 1st or 2nd link just to make sure you run into no issues at all, nut if you want anice looking bit of tech, go for the NZXT! I would lol.
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