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which is better deal

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so before this black friday i was hoping for a x4 955/x4 965 with an gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P.

total price (cheapest price i can find in Canada on regular pricing, comes with free shipping after 300$) Directcanada

187$ x4 955
208$ x4 965
gigabyte MOBO = 134$

total option A = 321$ x4 955/mobo free ship
option B = 342$ x4 965/mobo free ship


here is the deal i saw on black friday but comes with a different mobo that i don't really want but is at a big discount.

x4 955/MSI 790FX GD70 for only 290$+14$ on shipping. this is a nice deal, the mobo is higher end then the gigabyte but i don't like how it doesn't have dual bios feature.

should i go with the msi combo or stick with the gigabyte pack? how much better is the MSI over the gigabyte.
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I'd probably hit up the 965 combo, look up som reviews on the msi mobo and see what other people think of it.

I'm a gigabyte fan boy, but the new 965s are pretty awsome and 4ghz is huge epeen factor
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check the 790FX club thread in my sig for peoples thoughts. member roster has raitings of the board.

Also it depends on the rev of the CPU's make sure they are C3's aka GM in SN
problem right now is ncix only has the c2 965. if it were c3 then i probally would go with it and a giga mobo. i know regular price vs price the msi board costs alot more. so it all comes down to pretty much mobo vs mobo and which comes out the victor. the processors are all c2 so no change there.

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For $20, get the 955.
955 with gigabyte 790xt


955 with MSI 790FX

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new option just popped in

ASUS M4A79T+ 955 = 300$


MSI 790FX GD70 + 955 = 290$


GA-MA790XT-UD4P + 955 = 321$

which of these and why. extra info = i will not xfire, and if i do it will be max 2 cards. ocing is important factor, especially on the cpu.
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The gigabyte board is fantastic, I'm able to hit 3.8ghz rock stable with my 720BE. I can boot into windows with 4.0ghz but no matter what I do I can't get it stable.

Going by prices i think the best buy is the Asus board by far, with loads of room to move.

Could always move up to a 5770, then another... and another!
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