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which is better for physx?

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i'm looking to get a 9500gt to use as a dedicated physx card. There are two evga 9500gt, and they are the same except for:

one has a 200mhz faster memory clock
and the other has 1gb of memory instead of 512mb?

they are the same price. which is better?
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Though the clock matters more, if you get the one with more memory, you could probably overclock it 200 MHz. Its kind of a toss up.
are they probably just the same card in different bins?

so the one with the faster clock probably would not be able to overclock much higher than the slower one. correct?
Get the one with the higher memory and overclock it. even though physx doesn't need much memory (the dedicated cards came with 256 KB) it would be better to buy the one with more memory because the other is probably just a factory oc anyways.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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