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Which is better

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Whats better, a GF2 mx400 or a ATI Rage Pro? (all the info I have)
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I had the first one, they are preety OC-able as far as I remember. A friend says the Ati Rage has a better 2D image quality, but I doubt it. Performance-wise your FX5200 is far better anyway.
The MX400 is better. Wow, never thought I would ever say that...
yeah I'd stick with the fx 5200, not an ideal card in itself but better than the ones mentioned.
The MX400 is the better of the 2 but as above the FX5200 is better than both
mx440 is a better card, I am guessing that you are asking this for informational reasons, I do hope your not downgrading your card.
Erm.. Its not for me. Its my sister. ill try to get more info on her card she has now (the mx400) I think it has 16mb of RAM while the Rage Pro has 32.
get a nvidia tnt2. ioverclocked my dads to 155/ 195

Originally Posted by uTunes

get a nvidia tnt2. ioverclocked my dads to 155/ 195

.. bleh.. People.. read...
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definately the mx400. im on a 440 and i can play CS:S decently. lol =D
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