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Which is faster

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I use this computer only for gaming and I am trying to figure out what CPU to go with. I currently have a d975xbx2 motherboard, 4GB (2X2GB) of patriot extreme RAM in dual channel configuration at 800 MHZ, a thermaltake bigwater watercooling kit, windows XP pro SP3, and a 945 or 950 (honestly can't remember which) intel pentium D 3.4 overclocked to 4.01GHZ running on an 800MHZ FSB. It is time to consider replacing this CPU, but I can only afford to do the CPU, so my options are: Q6700 and E6700. tiger direct has a Q6700 for $216 and I have yet to get a price on an E6700. I know core 2s run cooler than Pentium Ds and a lot faster for the clock speeds, but will 4 cores make a difference in XP? and will I be able to get the E6700 faster than the 945 or 950 performance wise?
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If youre planning on mostly gaming, core 2 duos are way to go, especially if you are concious of your budget. However considering how much you were willing to spend for a Q6700, i would suggest getting a Core 2 Duo E8400, which is only $165 on newegg and is considerably faster and cooler than a E6700. the Q6700 is NOT just an E6700 with 2 more cores.
Get the dual core. Like melter said though, consider the E8400, as it's a great processor at a good value - much better than the E6700.

Can you even get a new E6700 anymore?
What is your upgrade path?

To me, that would be deciding factor here. If you are going to keep this cpu for the next 3 years, I would get the quad. If it is a 6 month, to year, year and a half until the next upgrade, I would get the e8400.
A stock E6700 is as fast as a 4Ghz Pentium D in most things, probably faster for games. With a reasonable OC, it will destroy the OCed Pentium D.
my mobo is stable, durable, and fast, so I am not replacing that, I am only replacing the CPU, as I have already upgraded the RAM. My only choices are the quad 6700 or the duo 6700 because those are the fastest CPUs supported by my board. I have had this computer setup for over 4 years and have just been upgrading parts to keep it going, the last thing before the RAM was my Nvidia 8800 I put in, then the RAM, now the CPU, I want to keep XP because vista sucks down the system significantly. I plan on keeping this computer until forced to go with the i7, so whenever games start requiring that.also what I'm wondering is will XP take advantage of the quad cores?
when upgrading your cpu, always remember to check with compatability and make sure you have upgraded your bios to support the latest cpu's. Good luck with youe new core2 or quad.
thanks, this is coming right from intel's site, so I know it's good info. Hey, there wouldn't be anyone out there with a good performance 775 core 2 compatible MOBO out there they're looking to get rid of for cheap is there?
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