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Which is faster?

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I am thinking about getting my dad a cheapo eMachines computer from the egg and was wondering if the Intel Atom N230 would be faster than the Intel Celeron that's currently in the HP he has. I forget the exact model but it's 2.93GHz and based on the old netburst architecture. He really doesn't do much except burn DVD's and connect his SD card to print photos.

Here is a link to the computer:
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it looks cheap, take an look at the comments of the newegg page...
i would say of the top of my head the celron is faster as the atom is realy only used in low powered netbooks and laptops
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It's not like my dad needs a lot but in the long run I will probably just the fix the HP he currently has. Thanks for the input, was just toying with the idea of a cheapo replacement.
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