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Which is quieter on H100i, Corsair SP120 Quiet or Noctua NF F12?

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I'm looking to replace the stock fans on the Corsair H100i with either Corsair SP120 Quiet or Noctua NF F12. Silence is the main criteria. I've been searching to find out which is the quieter. Does anybody know or has seen any reviews as to which one of these is quieter at their full speed of ~1500rpm?
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The Noctua's will be much quieter there is no question of it. You could also look at the silent wings 2 that lonelycowfarmer mentioned or noiseblocker eloops or gentle typhoons.
Reading through the whole of this review here http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/coolers/display/120mm-fan-roundup-4_25.html#sect0
I've gone with the Corsair SP120 Performance. People that I've spoken to that have had both actually say the Corsairs (Quiet) are quieter than the Noctua.
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