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which is the best cooler for CPU

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Hello guys. I need help to choose which cooler it’s better to OC my CPU . I have a Q6600.
My mobo is asus striker II formula 780i. I need to OC my CPU to maximum performance for games. Thks…
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Get a TRUE 120, if price is an issue I would go with the Xigmatek 1283 which functions quite well for half the price.
Sorry for the mobo but the best coolers are:
Vendetta V2

There are more coolers that are in the same cooling efficiency but the NH-U12 is the best since it's a flat surface unlike the TRUE's surface that can vary from bad to really bad.
A lapped TRUE on the other hand is unbeatable.
OCZ Vendetta 2, $40 (before rebate), free shipping, $10 rebate:


Just got my second one. I'm hoping to hit 4.0ghz with a q9650 and this cooler. My personal experience has been very good - at the moment, I've got a Vendetta 2 on a [email protected], 1.475v; temps are in low/mid 30s C. Very well-reviewed, too. Against other cpu coolers (came out #1):


Against TRUE:


And it's $20 less.

Hope this helps.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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