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which linux do i DL??

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i need help deciding which linux to download. Im building a cpu for my sister and I trying to save her money on an OS so i figured why not go with linux. Ive never used it before but Ive herd good things. what about MS word programs? is there software for linux that can read MS word stuff? Computer is used to listen to music, play flash games online & type out papers now and then. thanks
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I think the best user friendly distro would be Ubuntu, and about the linux reading MS office stuff, i don't know about that, sorry.
Ubuntu or Kubuntu
OpenOffice.org -comes installed in both-can use to type papers and open MS formats, NOTE: when you save though, make sure to select the MS format to save in if you'll ever transfer the file, b/c default is .odt (not readable in MS Word)
suse is the best easy one but the best on of all ins gentoo but its a [email protected]!#4h to install
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