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Which mobo for 2GHz memory, high vtt?

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Between these three mobos, which one is capable of running an i7 @4.0GHz + with 3 channels of [email protected] perfectly safe and stable?
Asus Rampage III Gene.
Asus Sabertooth X58.

Sounds silly but I'm serious, so please people who have used one of these three give me some pieces of advice. I need real experience here since I've had enough trouble with one of eVGA model, trying to get my Ram running at its rated spec, resulted in the death of that mobo. Three mobos of the same model, three tragic deaths in a same situation

Let me make it briefly: Which one of those three is capable of running with CPU VTT @1.45V (0.1V over Intel's max safe - which is needed to keep the 2000MHz memory alive) without dying.
Thanks in advance.
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I would think that both ASUS boards should be able to do that, not so sure about that Gigabyte though. The UD3R can get to 4 GHz, but whether it can run 2000MHz RAM is another question (probably not).
All the above.
More advice plsss!! I'm tired of RMA already.
Are you sure you're not CPU limited? Memory speed is often limited by the IMC on the chip and not the board.
I got to 4.2GHz and 2000MHz quite easy with a classified board.
It was the same for SLi3 board, the only difference is that the SLi3 was just fried up after 3 sec of stress testing. I killed 3 boards already.
There's something else going on there that is killing boards, high vdimm & VTT voltages aren't doing it.
As long as the memory kit can do 2000Mhz, it's pretty much all up to the IMC on the cpu to keep up with it.
Vdimm is 1.65 which is fine I think.
The magic just happens whenever the VTT goes high enough, above 1.35 and kaboom.
Back to the topic.
The only one I've had personal experience with out of those is the x58a-ud3r, I've run memory up to 2500Mhz on it & used voltages up to 1.9V vdimm & 1.6V VTT. Pretty sure all x58 boards can do 2000Mhz memory if the ram & cpu can handle it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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