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Which monitor to buy? Sony, Viewsonic, Samsung?

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OK guys it is finally time to move into the new millenium and get a flat panel monitor. I'm settling for a 19" cuz the price between 19" & 20" jumps up from ~$400 ~$700+ and that's too much money for 1 inch IMO.

Here's my criteria:

-Sony, Viewsonic or Samsung only
-Under $500 hopefully
-Black (maybe silver if the price is right)
-Thin bezel without speakers (no built in speakers under any circumstances)

Here's the candidates:
SONY SDM-S93 19" (silver)
SAMSUNG SyncMaster 915V-Black 19" a-si TFT/PVA
Both are only $399 at newegg!!!
Sony does make the SDM-S94 & SDM-S93 in black (what's the diff between S94 & S93 anyway?) but they're $459.
What do you guys think?

The Viewsonics are kinda pricey and their models around $400 all come with speakers. I did like the ViewSonic Q190mb 19" for $465 though cuz the bezel is thin and the speakers are on the bottom. You can disable them right? But now that I think about it... for that price I might as well get the Sony one right? I did REALLY like the ViewSonic VP912B 19" but it's $599

Finally there's performance! Any thoughts? I use my computer for everything including gaming and watching dvds. Opinions are most welcomed. Thanks.

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i say the Samsung...i have the 21.3 inch syncmaster, and i love it. but if u compare teh sony and samsung, the samsung has better contrast ratio, and brightness....but i like sony too. but i say for performance get the samsung
(dussnt look to bad either...i have silver, and its awsum looking
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oh yeah, one more thing. can somebody explain contrast ratio and "ghosting" to me? thanks.

EDIT: Look at this one --> the SAMSUNG 910T-Black 19" it's only $459 and has a contrast ratio of 1000:1

Is it that much better than the first 2 monitors I have up there that are 500:1 & 600:1 respectively? Input please
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