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Which Monitor?

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27.5" Hanns G
pros: bigger, faster response, cheaper
cons: no DVI?


25.5" Samsung
pros: 2 x HDMI, TV tuner
cons: smaller

Anyone have either of these monitors?
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Id recommend Samsung because its known to have better picture quality and i wouldnt choose the other one because 27.5" is too much and it depends on what you are using it for. Movies then maybe just maybe the 27.5" one otherwise Samsung all the way. & If you are planning on keeping it for long then go with Samsung + 5ms response doesnt hurt.
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I'd go for the Samsung.

It's a very popular monitor (as I've seen in the past) and you won't have to worry about ports and connections.

I'd also like to mention that the prices for each are a tad bit high... You may want to wait until you can find them on sale (during black friday and beyond).
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Samsung hands down they make high quality products and wont let you down.
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