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Which Motherboard?

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Can't decide between the two :S I also heard that the Foxconn Bloodrage GTI isn't as good as the normal version or something?


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The GTI is just a neutered version of the original, a crappier heatsink and slightly lower grade materials.
it depends on what you'll be doing. If its lots of overclocking, i'd say the BR gti. If you want to run tri-fire/sli, then get the evga board.

And the GTi is a cutdown version of the regular bloodrage (no sas ports, no nb water block, no pwm heatsink), but the overclocking potential is basicly the same. Heck, the BR GTi holds the world record for highest i7 920 overclock.
The GTI has the same components. MrLinky is correct that it is only a difference in the cooling and the SAS ports. If you do the PCIe mod either Blood Rage will rival the Classifiedin overclocking potential. I have hit 231BCLK on mine, check my sig.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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