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Which MS OS

Which OS's

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This is multiple Choice here, lets see how old some of our geeks really are
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I think its more like what people have used, anyways, 3.1 is as far back as i could remember.
Ya right around windows 3.0 is the first OS that I recall my parents owning, I think I was like 7 lol or 8 maybe...23 now aha
*sigh* DOS 5 was the very zenith of aggresive memory management.

Zzyzx - I just nearly fell off my chair reading your sig
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what is the question?
and i just put w7 in the lead!!!!
Windows Vista x64 FTW!
I voted as a way to say "These are the operating systems I have either owned or used extensively when they were new." I'm turning 30 in about 1 month!

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and i just put w7 in the lead!!!!
lol i dont think its a point of which ones in the lead, its more like how far back you remember using.
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Well, my Dad's PCs (which we all used for gaming and stuff) had DOS for a long time, though I'm not sure which versions. I do remember when he got Windows 3.1, then jumped to Windows 95, then 98.
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