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Which package is better?

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Or this:http://www.amazon.com/Biostar-A785GE...0069073&sr=1-6

I also need a good 500w+ power supply for it, any ideas?
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the 2nd one. The 785g chipset is better than that cheap nvidia based msi board.
how about this instead?? -$114 after MIR

and for a good solid and well-priced 500W+ psu, id go for the corsair 550 -$70 after MIR and free shipping

EDIT: if you are going for only micro ATX boards for a reason, then go for the second option, grunt is right, I would recommend opting away from the cheaper built nvidia based boards
well the cpus are the same but MSI is a trused name-brand manufacturer... not to say the biostar is bad, but i really haven't heard of them before.

Also, even though amazon is a great site, most system builders buy from newegg.com. They ususally have the best prices, outstanding CS, and a very user-friendly site.

For your PSU, unless you already have the rest of your system picked out, you will probably want to wait until you know for sure what wattage will require, so you dont overspend or get too-weak of a psu. Antec and Corsair make some of the best psus though.
I have amazon giftcards so I'd rather buy from there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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