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Which PSUs and TECs to get?

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I'm really not keen to buy TECs from e-bay, perhaps one to play about with before I embark on making the larger rig but...

I have had my eyes on some of these TECs from Custom Thermoelectric

(I assume I can get them shipped to the UK)

Specifically these: http://www.customthermoelectric.com/tecs/pdf/19911-5M31-28CZ_spec_sht.pdf

The PSU I was looking at is: http://www.rapidonline.com/Electrical-Power/Power-Supplies/Bench-PSUs/30V-30A-Variable-output-power-supply/68072/kw/85-1832

I know lots of you have suggested meanwell PSUs, but tbh I'm not looking to spend £400-500 on just a PSU.

Anyways, what are your opinions of having two rails each with 2 of those TECs on, running a max of 15V at approximately 13-16A per rail (the PSU undervolts if the amperage peak is met so this will prob cap at around 15A assuming resistance on each rail is equal, which I realise it probably wont be)

Should have said, that will be the max it can run, hopefully I'll be able to tweak it down for higher efficiency assuming somebody doesn't tell me it will explode
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I would recommend purchasing a single 12v rail ATX PSU, and run the TEC's in series to provide 6v. The PCI-E connectors should be capable of supplying 15A each. If you decide to purchase a higher voltage TEC, then you may want to operate the TEC's at 12v, depending on percentage of Umax.

You may run into problems with multi-rail PSU's, depending on amperage distribution. And so I wouldn't advise using a multi-rail PSU.

Have you read through ultrasonics TEC guide?

I'm assuming your making a TEC waterchiller?


Sorry for any grammar or spelling imperfections, I'm under the "influence".
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There is a whole thread on a direct die block that elloquin ran with psu he used and how the tecs performed.. He used 2 of those exact tecs

here is the link
The PSU that I have been using is THIS one.

The main reason is because it is cheap at $99 and is has 2x 12v rails each rated at 35A with a max (cutoff) of 45A. The other reason I chose it was because it is a simply plug and play PSU - it slots straight into a PC case, and connects up to the existing PSU, so you don;t have to hotwire/jumper it for it to work

Just slot it in, conect it up, and when you turn your PC on, it will turn on with the existing PSU

And with 2x 12v rails rated at 35A each, you can connect up a pretty serious TEC setup too
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