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Which pump is better?

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I was just browsing a petstore site for their pumps, and I came up with these two. I was just wondering would it be better to buy 2 cheap [email protected] 240GPH or 1 [email protected] with 5' head.

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Danner Mag model 3
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You wouldnt happen to know the headroom on that pump would you? lol
I don't...and I don't know exactly why it's the best pump for comp watercooling apps, but I know it is.
(not too helpful, if you're looking for technicalities, but I wouldn't steer ya wrong
). The only negative aspect of the Danner Mag 3 is that if you're going to be running it non-submerged, you need to seal the shaft or summat.
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The Mag 3 has a head of 10'. They are recommended as the best water cooling pump because they have a really high flow rate with a high amount of head = good performance. Also, for the price, you can not buy a pump that offers the same performance. As NoAffin stated, they do have problems with leaks (not always). As many people have discovered, when using a Mag 3 NOT submerged, they may leak a little. This is an easy fix however, just a little RTV Silicone Sealant around the impeller housing. However, I believe that Danner has addressed this issue and newer models do not leak as much. I am using the Mag 5 model, have had zero leaks whatsever, and it is a DEMON OF A PUMP! It puts out major flow!!! Almost too much, I constantly have little air bubbles in my system because the flow is too high and the water gets very turbulent in my resevoir. It doesnt' affect temps so I am not concerned about it.
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