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Which pump/res setup will be best? Also, how much rad do I need?

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Ok everyone here is my planned loop setup:

EK HF Supreme Nickel CPU Block (bought off of a member here and is an older unit without plating issues)
2x 570 blocks
Either 1x 360 rad and 1x240 rad or similar setup depending on how much you all believe I would need for my loop.

Options for pump+res setup:
Single MCP350 pump + top + seperate res
Single MCP350 pump + top with res
Dual MCP350 pump + RP-401X2 + serial kit
Single stronger pump + seperate res (please recommend a pump)
Single stronger pump + top + seperate res (please recommend a pump/top)
Single stronger pump + top with res (please recommend a pump/top)

I am looking right now at the Koolance dual pump resevoir bay option. It will cost me ~$185 for both pumps purchased from here, the RP-401X2, and serial connection kit direct from Koolance.

I know that will work, but is there a cheaper option that will work as well?

Second question is for a 2500k [email protected] 1.45 volts and 2x570's [email protected] is a single thick 360 enough? If not, how much more do I need? Is a 360 + a 240 going to get the job done? Will not be folding, but I am looking for cool temps while gaming/benching and somewhat low noise...at least quieter than my sli 570's which sound like a vacuum whenever I push them.
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Bump. Decided I can mod my case and fit a 240+360. Can always mount a 120/140 on one of the intake/exhaust fans on the front/back if needed.

Still trying to figure out the pump situation, any help would be great.
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