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Which quad to buy?

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Which quad to buy? Q82oo, Q83oo, Q94oo or Q9550.
The price difference is +5550, +63oo, +73oo and +94oo In Taiwan $.

Or should I try to find a Q66oo?? (only want new though)

This will be paired up with a GA P35 DS3L and an 8800GT512. (NOT! sig rig) And (NOT and upgrade)
It is for a friend. I sold him some parts from my old system.
Use will be light video and audio editing. Also (its not me remember) no overclocking

Please add a hint as to why you suggest each one or tell me the important comparison points.

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If you have the money, definately go with a q9550. You can hit 4ghz with this chip. I don't recommend q8200 or q8300, brcause their lack of cache really makes the harder to overclock. The q9400 and the q6600 will really be close in performance, so those 2 are just the cheaper alternative.

In my opinion, you should go with the q9550, or you will most likely reret it, especially since your upgrading from a fairly good cpu, the e8400
Q9450/Q6600 depending on your budget and how serious you're about overclocking.
Don't even dare to buy Q8200 / Q8300.

If you've got the money, by all means Q9550 E0 4.0
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Originally Posted by gablain
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In my opinion, you should go with the q9550, or you will most likely reret it, especially since your upgrading from a fairly good cpu, the e8400

He said it's not about the sig rig.
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well he must have had an e8400 in his rig at some point in his life if it's in his sig, but whatever
Please don't look at the sig rig at all!
Q9450? What is that. Its not on the list.
And no to overclocking. Looking for out of the box bang for buck.

So between the 6600 (if I can find one new) and a 9550. Price and availability are an issue.

thanks for the fast posts!
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If you are not going to overclock, you are going to lose a lot of bang for the buck. You are on overclock.net after all

The clock difference between the 2 is small (2.4GHz vs. 2.83GHz), but the larger cache (2x4MB vs. 2x6MB)helps a lot. Also, the q9550 is 45 nm vs 65 nm for the q6600. The q9550 is therefore likely to use less power at the same clock. If you're not overclocking, i don't think it's woerth to buy the q6600. If you are, wich i strongly suggest, buy the q9550
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Depending what's your OC goal, the GA P35 DS3L is a solid board but for quad, fsb may be around 410 so won't get lower than 8x multi quad if your goal is 3.2G above. Personally, I would get a low vid q6600 with 8mb cache but if q6600 price is too much, then get Q9450 at least.
just get Q6600 still fast like hell...anything else is overkill literally. save some money and buy some food.
Yeah, they're all fast CPUs. It depends on how much you're willing to spend.
Just pick one of these: Q6600, Q9450, Q9550
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