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which ram? for p5k-vm

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I decided to upgrade my ram, currently I have 2 gigs, stock timings (don't even know current timings). Here is my current mobo,


It says standard memory is DDR2 1066, so since my current memory is DDR2-800, I don't know if I should get ram DDR2-1066, or get DDR2-800 with tighter timings. I read the stickies looking at timings and what not, but I just don't know what to get that is best for my current computer, as seen below.

So it's either tighter timings, looking at this one,


or DD2-1066, looking at these two, and what is it with these Dominator timings,5-5-5-15-2T, what is 2T?



anyways, any input would be much appreciated, I just want better and faster ram, that will make my computer better of course
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i have the gksill pi black and they run great idk if the 1066 would be better but they cost more and i doubt u would notice any difference.
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Wow the PI blacks are a steal for that price. I'd suggest those. They can run up to a little over 900mhz with those timings. Otherwise I would suggest the G-Skill PI PC8800 instead of the dominators, much better.

Yes you can run 1066mhz ram, you just have to run a slight overclock in order to achieve it. It also depends on what memory multiplier your board allows.
Reapers are the best value in 2x2GB 1066 right now: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820227289
If you're willing to spend more, the Pi 1100s are the way to go. Forget the Pi blacks...they don't like cas5,
some good suggestions,

Corsair Dominator 1066 is $52 with rebate, and Corsair 1066 is 44 with rebate.

also, the Pi Black is good to, has timings 4-4-4-12, I might go for that since it has tighter timings, unless if someone can tell me if its worth getting the Dominator?
Pi Black don't like cas5 and will limit your ability to OC your RAM.
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