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Which set of memory is better.........?

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Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit for $140 NO REBATE NEEDED! OR OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit for $162.99 & after $40 mail-in rebate $122.99.....

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Wait... which G.Skill kit do you have?? And at what speed is it failing you??

You probably will see little or NO increase in performance with faster RAM. If you set that RAM 1:1 with the CPU, you can crank the FSB up to 400MHz before RAM even hits stock speeds! That's a CPU clock of 3.6GHz, and it's pretty likely your CPU will have more trouble with that than the G.Skill RAM.

Plus, if it's an G.Skill HK or HZ kit, it will likely overclock to DDR2 1000 speeds or beyond, allowing you to run a 4:5 divider. The faster RAM likely won't allow an 2:3 divider at a high CPU overclock, so it's probably a waste of money.

Plus, in gaming, faster RAM doesn't matter a whole lot, if anything. I tested DDR2 667 v. DDR2 1000 speeds (at identical CPU and FSP speeds), and I had 0.3 seconds difference in SuperPi 1MB, and NO siginificant difference in 3DMark06.

My advice: stick with your current RAM, and game on!. And we're talking BF2.... not a real challenge for a Core 2 Duo/DDR2 rig.
=D Where were you when I was asking about 1066 and overclocking?

I just bought 4 gigs of 1066 hoping to get a higher OC because I didn't want ram to be the limiting factor!

I feel like I just wasted 70.00 on the upgrade.
if you are gonna play games on a 1920x1080P 42inch LCD or a 1920x1200 24inch LCD display then do yourself a favor and get a 640MB GTS Audi...
Thanks Chozart for your response and your input... The G.skill kit is HZ, is that a good or bad thing? As you can tell
i've never oc a rig before and i haven't failed any speeds that i know of. The only thing i have done was change my ram timing---> 2.0v 4-4-4-12 can u tell me what more i can do to make this thing faster? And getting another video card, will i notice any difference in game play or is that a waste of money also? Ive ordered the OZC ram already but i wont sign for them when UPS shows up. And spend my money on something else to improve my rig--> any suggestions
on what 2 improve on??? The price was so low and all, but i truly thank you
for the 411 and the extra cash waiting 2 be spent at newegg.....

Cyant the BenQ 24' 1920X1200 is amazing........


Originally Posted by SC4LIFE View Post
Cyant the BenQ 24' 1920X1200 is amazing........
and Audi...i had the gateway 24' it was good, very good i have 2 say...but the BenQ blows it away...great stand, hdmi, dvi, d-sub, s-video and so much more! gateway wouldn't be a waste of money at all......but the BenQ will keep you smiling so much longer!
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Guys, he already have the LCD's I am just telling him to avoid the 320MB card for those resolutions. Try to keep up guys, seriously...
yeah, Audi will need the 640MB card. Agreed with that. Plus, the monitor is in his 'on it's way' list, so he doesn't have it yet (unless he's getting a second one, which would not surprise me since it's Audi
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guys, get back on topic.

first of all
the G.Skill HZ's are one of the best RAM's on the whole market!! Gratz you ALREADY GOT AWESOME OCING RAM! Those can get to the 1066 speeds you were going to throw away $ for. Just keep your RAM, its the envy of many. In fact, its MUCH better than other overpriced RAM's

Just overclock. No need to buy more stuff you have what you need already. What are you using to cool the CPU? go into BIOS raise FSB to ~300 then go up in 10MHz increments to ~400 for a sweet OC
. Raise voltage and monitor temps as necessary, and read the OCN overclocking guide to get started if you haven't OC'd before

and IMO you dont need the other 8800gts. gameplay improvement will be minimal. in the future, when it matters more for gameplay, then pick one up cheaper than it would be now
for sli
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thanks Sreenath, i'll work on my bio's a bit later 2nite...The ram is on its way back 2 newegg, but i know its a waste but i bought this mobo for one purpose! Running dos cards sli, i just gotta do it...even if its gonna cost me $400 and some change! Im sure this is gonna really up the over all temp in my case, which as of now is: cpu 25*c system 33*c...Is it time for more cooling muscle or what?as you can tell i just wanna spend money $$$$
which i dont have a penny 2 my name!
once again im very thankful for the info and all, you guys are great! but keeping coming.......
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Honestly, although performance might not reveal it right away, the weak spot in your set up is the PSU in my opinion.

The OCZ GameXStream is an ok PSU, but no more than that. It shows quite some ripple on the 12V rails at high loads. With your system, you might run into that issue. This does NOT translate directly into immediate performance decrease, but in the long(er) term it can damage your components. Plus, at high overclocks, it will be harder to get a stable system.

If you feel the need to spend, this is the item that deserves to be looked at.

I would look at, for example, a Silverstone OP750 or DA750. The only difference between those two is that the DA750 is modular and the OP750 is not. These are excellent PSUs with a single 12V rails that delivers 60A.
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