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Which setup gives better performance in gaming?

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Having a hard time to choose. Main usage : Gaming, Video.

Quad Core Q9550
Asus P5Q (p45) mobo
Power Cooling and Silencer 610w
2x2gb Corsair ram
cm 690 casing
Palit Gtx 260/216sp


phenom II X4 940
Gigabyte MA790X-UD4 (790g chipset)
Power Cooling and Silencer 610w
2x2gb Corsair ram
Cm 690 casing
HD4890 1gb DDR5

Both have identical cost to setup. Which setup should I go for?
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Damn that's a tricky choice. I guess it really depends if you prefer AMD or Intel.
Id Go with the Phenom II

But it always comes down to What brands you like, Amd/Intel , Nvidia/Amd
phenom two leads in gaming. while the q9xxx series leads mostly in non gaming apps.
Between those 2 Setup's I'd have to go with the AMD setup
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don't feed the monopoly and go with AMD ^^
I hate to be the odd one here but I would go for the Intel.With that P45 board you have in your list it should overclock pretty good.
Go with the Q9550 setup. Get yourself a good cooler and OC it. Put a 4890 1gb on it though.
that intel mobo can't even crossfire. he should at least get one with 2 pcie slots
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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