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Which Should I buy?

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I'm about to depart with my current rig and start from scratch. The ONE concern that I have.. is that I haven't chosen what video card I should purchase...

Opinions please?

I'm partial to Nvidia....And the 8800 GT has served me well.

I'm a heavy Gamer.. and can't stand playing on less than the highest graphics settings possible. I know that the video card alone doesn't pull the weight.. but you get my point.

^_^ Anyone have any recommendations?
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I would suggest a second 8800GT 512MB if you are concerned on price.
On the higher end you can have a GTX285.

Or the nicest looking configuration I think I ever look at is GTX260 SLI. Makes me drool.

Also, not trying to Hijack this thread, but what is the big difference between 192 core and 216 core? would they not perform relatively the same? I mean is it really worth it to throw in the extra 30$ for the 216 over the the 180$ after MIR 192?
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