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which thermal solution is for this CPU on this board ?

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hello all...

I am searching for an after-market cooler for this E8400E0, to overclock it for sure when my new PSU arrives soon, so I am now surfing the website of the store I am going to get a cooler from, and I am confused which one is the best ?

so I need your help with this, and here are the brands I am considering ( may be they are the only ones available at that store)

so see them with me and tell me which one would be the best for the highest overclock I can reach with this CPU on this board, and if possible tell me how much I can overclock with the cooler you vote for.

and here are the coolers:

1- Lion Square SKU :


2- Triton 79 SKU :


3- Triton 70 SKU : 10130008:


4- Triton 85 SKU :


5- V 72 SKU :


thank you in advance
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I would go with Asus Lion Square. I used to have that one before I sold it.

A good cooler. OC limit depends on your mobo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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