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Which upgrade should I do?

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Looking to upgrade processor and video but can only do one at a time and would like to know which would have the bigger impact as far as games and overall performance.

am2 x2 3800+ to a phenom x4 9650, flashed my bios to make this compatible with am2 socket


8500gt 256mb to 5770hd 1gig
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the GPU.

though, why not go for a Phenom II chip? they run cooler, and are generally better than the Phenom I chips. and i've seen Phenom II X4 940's (DDR2 compatible) for $100 on here. epic value
im trying to stay on a low budget and my socket am2 will only support phenom x4 9650 or a phenom II x2 3.1 callisto black ediition
I used to have an 8600gt before I switched to my gtx260. HUGE difference in my games, and I'm pretty sure the 5770 is roughly equivalent to a gtx260. If you could oc your current proc, it wouldn't bottleneck the 5770 as bad.
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then look to get a Phenom II X2 550. maybe you can unlock?

but still, GPU first
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How about you save for a new system?

Your PSU is poor quality (Main thing I'm concerned about)

Your motherboard is also not able to handle higher wattage CPU's because of the small VRM and does not appear to be a very good overclocker

If that's not possible, go for the GPU upgrade. The 5770 uses very little power, whereas the Phenom 9650 would add considerable power draw and heat.
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