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which VGA card is best for 380W PSU

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my computer specifiction is below
this is my PSU : http://www.coolermaster.com/index.ph...20Power%20380W

I'm gonna change my FX 5700 by a Geforce 6600 GT or 9800Pro or 9800XT I'm oC'ing my CPU from 2.2GHZ to 2.4GHz vcore @ 1.350 x 113%=1.526 v

I dun wanna chang my PSU 'cause I've just bought it 2 week ago !!!
I wonder is my PSU enough for that card ( I dun use Sli tech, just 1 card) ??
If that card is too much for my PSU !!!

Could you suggest me another card that better than FX5700 and my PSU can handle it !!!
Thanks so much
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well it should handle a 6600GT... but I wouldn't plan on OC'ing too...

but the 6600GT would be the best card to get

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If your PSU doesnt undervolt.. at least not too much, then you should be fine. You might be able to OC a bit as well. When I had first bought one of my 6800gt's I was running a Antec True 380w.. and it handled it just fine. Also, depends on how much stuff you are running in your comp as well.
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