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Which Water Block?

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Alright, so I've gotta choose a waterblock for a LCS i'm gonna do soon. I've looked around, and kinda have an idea of what to get.

1. D-Tek FuZion v2- $60
2. Swiftech Apogee GTZ- $60
3. XSPC Delta V3- $50
4. Swiftech Apogee GT-$40
5. Swiftech Storm v2.- $40

My processor right now is a Q6600 G0, and I just have a few questions

I looked around and saw that the D-tek and the gtz perform nearly identical, but that was only out of the box. If I buy the extra quad core insert, will it lower my temperatures substantially?

Also, has anyone used the delta v3? I've read some reviews, and the performance is really basically the same as the gtz.

And, is there much difference between the apogee GT and the storm? If I do opt for these cheaper waterblocks, how much of a temperature increase will I get?
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ha ha well everybody has to start somewhere

umm if i were you i would go gtz or fusion v2 depending on how many other blocks u want in the loop (more blocks go with fusion)
I have a GT, cools my Q6600 pretty well.

When I play games, it doesn't go above 54C. My cpu idles around 42~43C.

If my room is cold it gets as low as 33C.

It also depends on what coolant you use, the size of the radiator, your ambient temp in side your case. The speed of your pump.

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I swear I see at least one of these every 2-3 days
LOL we should just make one with a vote and sticky it.

OP: GTZ got my vote. 35c on my cpu as I type this (granted, I JUST finished redoing my loop, so, bubbles in lines, and compound hasn't settled yet. It'll be cooler soon enough!).
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