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White Connectors

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I'm sure it has been asked before but why is it so damn hard to find white connectors for some cables? ModDiy and Performance-PCs.com I think are the only two sites that offer most of what I'm looking for. Does anyone else know of anywhere else I could buy some white connectors of the following?
4 Pin "Molex" Disk Drive Power both male and female (most are transparent)
SATA Power with both straight trough, and normal caps
RGB/ARGB Connectors (I want to try and make some ARGB > RGBpx for my Aquacomputer devices and hopefully skip the stupid male in between)
1 + 2 + 5 + 10 Dupont Connectors
5 + 9 Pin USB Connectors
Also any name brand 4 Pin Male PWM Fan with the shroud so the terminals aren't exposed?

Thank You and Please Help, It's driving me nuts that they are so damn hard to find and that the only options are from ModDiy