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To be honest, it's seen better days. I upgraded it to 4.1, which locked it. When it seemed that all hope was lost, I found that you can flash it to an iPad baseband (Cannot be upgraded or downgraded, ever, as in, ever ever), and obviously un-unlockable. I'm told this also can break the 3G and GPS, but I use neither so I've not tried. Around a year and a half old? Not sure. Replaced the screen, which is why some dust is under it.


Works fine, if a little sluggish at times, screen is cracked at the bottom right, has dust under the left as you can see, due to this sometimes it doesn't respond, just rub it and it will. It's pretty cracked and broken on the back too.





Pretty bad, right?

Anyhow, prices in £.


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80 pounds, really looks like hell^
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