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Red or White?

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White or Red?

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Im in a bit of a dilema. White or Red?

This of course is what colour to have the internals of my case. The motherboard and Gfx card already have REALLY bright red LED's fitted to them. My original plan was to go white because of its originality but I also like red (because of the black case and red LED idea).

Pro's - Original, Looks Good
Con's - Parts are VERY hard to find, Means ive got to try block up the Mobo & Gfx card LEDs

Pro's - Matches Case, Stuff isnt as hard to find, Still original...ish
Con's - Second Choice, Used by a good few people (alot less than blue

So, your opinions?
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I think you should go black. But I wont be difficult, go with white.
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white. its different!
I don't know which looks better, but I know radioshack has white LEDs
http://www.frozencpu.com/lit-53.html <---- check this out. it's white.
hmm....looks like...

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red--white will look scuzzy soon with dust and all....
im not fussed about the dust - my room is pretty undustified
depends on the case. probably white, but i saw a pc once that had red->orange->yellow (bottom->top), that was REALLY cool (fire effect).
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