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i5 4670k 3.4GHz
GTX 970 4gb
750 watt PSU
Windows 10 Home

Hey guys so I'm having this strange issue that started today. After only 10 minutes of gaming, I start seeing these little white pixels on the screen. It is especially noticeable on darker scenes. I tried capturing this with Fraps but its not artifacts on the actual graphics but on the monitor. Almost like dead pixels and static. When this starts, a few moments later, I'll lose video and audio (go to a black screen), for about 3-5 seconds, and then it will come back. And it will repeat this process (black screen) and I have to quit out of the game because its too often. As soon as I quit out, the pixels and whatnot go away, or linger for a minute. I don't understand whats going on here.

I tried cleaning my GPU, (it looks new). Reseating the GPU. I was running the newest driver but rolled back to 364.51 and it hasn't changed. Temps are fine I don't think its a heat issue. Only 65C under load. I'll be trying a new cable tomorrow but everything seems fine. I've tried googling this issue but its hard to find something that isn't obvious GPU failure. I read somewhere that it could be an issue of as soon as the CPU gets stressed it starts happening, and when I close out of the game, obviously it stops.

It does this with all games but mostly within 10 minutes of Dark Souls 3 maxed out. I don't understand I played for like 4 hours straight the other day with no issues and today I can't play any games for more than 10 minutes. Could it be a GPU issue? CPU? I'd appreciate the help and insight!
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