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Who has the best customer support?

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MSI, EVGA, Sapphire, XFX, Zotac? I know I'm not dealing with PowerColor any more. They're the main reason I sent back by two 7950's. I wanna buy a new GPU soon(maybe even wait for the 9000 series) and I want to know which manufacturer offers the best customer service.

My experience so far:

EVGA: Website looks good. Warranty service is excellent. Advisors know their stuff and are polite. They reply quickly and efficiently and their software is high-quality. They might be a bit more expensive but if you want to have some of the best support available, they're the ones you want. They also have EVGA step-up which is quite frankly, one of the best things in the business.


PowerColor: Website looks like something my 4 year old cousin designed. They're borderline impossible to reach(at least from Canada), they take ages to reply to their emails. Their warranty services suck, you can't transfer them. RMA is terrible. Seems the advisors aren't even located in NA and are being outsourced to a different continent to save money. I don't ever want to deal with them any more. The cards I had were working properly but their service is so atrocious I simply decided I wanted nothing to do with them any more.


Who should I go choose and expect a good service from? MSI? Sapphire?
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From my experience, EVGA has had the best customer service. MSI isn't too bad either; although, I don't think they are as good as EVGA.
XFX = NO lol.

Had excellent customer service from Sapphire and Zotac, never tried EVGA or MSI.
EVGA by far

BFG was good back in the day, sad to see them gone. If your in the EU/Asia then Gainward is up there too.

This is something that is severely lacking on the AMD side. A graphics card company with excellent customer service.
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