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Whos waiting for the 7800gs

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Well i bought my 6800gs like 3 weeks ago and 2 days later i find evidence of the 7800gs in early february,luckily i bought evga, so stepup hear i come

IS anybody else waiting for the 7800gs to come?
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Originally Posted by Alexd618

Well if you still have a few weeks on your stepup, id wait and see if the 7800gs reallyt comes early february. I couldnt unlock my 6800gs
the pixelpipes were defective.

Not true, all 6800GS AGP's unlock to 16/6 without probs with a 6800GT BIOS flash. I tried to unlock my GS running on a GS BIOS, and I got crazy artifacting at stock, flashed the BIOS to an eVGA 6800GT revsion 4.0 and no problems.
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