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Why all the hate on AsRock X79 boards?

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I generally consider myself to be well aware of all the differences in hardware, or as much as one can, and, tend to stay up on issues. Yet I just can't seem to put my finger on the AsRock X79 hate that I see, which seems entirely unjustified. Maybe I am missing something, anyone care to explain?

It seems as though the moment you ask about X79 people immediately say "Asus, everything else is crap!". Now, I haven't had an X79 product before, but all the AsRock boards I have had with other chipset/sockets have been fantastic. From those experiences I just can't see AsRock completely dropping the ball on X79. Yet there is a very distinct hate towards AsRock in the segment, is it so strong simply because AsRock is actually a good bit of competition for Asus?

Do tell.
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because asus has the resources to make a very good product on a platform which only will sell 50K motherboards per quarter as that is how many CPUs intel sells for X79(that is freakishly low considering that mobo makers need to ship millions, asrock 7-9M, gigbygate, 18-20M and asus 22-23M, and those numbers cause mobo makers to focus their resources on projects that bring in more revenue.

ASUS and asrock x79 are very similar, i mean at that time asrock did use asus's engineering plans.
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