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WHy are my cores 15 degress different

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Im running an AMD 64X2 5000+ BE (Brisbane) and my core temp says core #0 is 18 degrees Celsius and core#1 is 32 degree's Celsius

Why is this?
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How funny. my 64x2 6000+ brisbane runs its cores about 7C apart always.
My guess is that one of the sensors is damaged somehow. I would just take the average temp I guess...

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My guess is that one of the sensors is damaged somehow. I would just take the average temp I guess...

That could be the case with me as well... *watches thread hoping for an answer for the same issue*

When i run prime95 blend at stock cpu speed, the second core speed gets to like 69, while the other stays at like 61. whenever it got close to 70ish i would shut prime95 down as AMD says this cpu is meant for 65c max.
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Reseat the HSF and see if anything changes. Also try using a different monitoring software.
Look at my cpu, the cores are at 10*C below ambient. (I know, it is a set of buggy sensors)
I would just reseat the CPU and HS and see if that fixes it if not then you may have a bad sensor
Sounds like it isnt seated properly or there could be more paste on one side
Is your room well below 65*F? The 18*C is too low in my mind to be a seating issue. Even with the inaccuracy of diodes around idle temps that is just too close to what I would guess your ambient level was.

My vote is bad temp diode, but you should reseat the tuniq just in case.
The sensors on the X2 5000+ B.E are faulty. They are completely inaccurate. Look up "X2 5000+ Black Edition sensors" or something of the sort and you'll know what I mean.

Sucks, though... really annoying when you OC.
lol, my E7200 shows 16c (?) on core 0 and 32C on core 1 only when it idles though, when i stress it, they are at most 3c apart
My sensors are like this, #0 is the CPU temp #1-4 are core temps.

CPU temperatures are measured by the sensor chip mounted on the motherboard PCB, the core temperatures are measured by the CPU itself, using on-die temperature diodes.

This is why my #0 is cooler than #1-4
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