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All i ask for is a program that neatly represents hardware utilization (GPU, RAM, CPU) in a nice, easy to read graph format, logged to a file for later reference. Similar to this:


I've tried a plethora of different monitoring programs, most only seem to monitor for 1 type of hardware, and "logging" is pretty unlikely. Even the above doesn't log with graphs. (and it took me ages to actually FIND the bloody file it logs to. Absolutely NO options in that AMD Monitor at all, pathetic)

The closest I've been able to find for my needs is Aida64 but even this only records to a difficult to read CSV or HTML file -- no graphs, entirely text. All i'm trying to do is find bottlenecks in my system.

I don't fancy spending an hour or so punching these values into excel just to make this happen. I mean really, you'd think this kind of feature would be common among the vast amount of monitoring programs out there (Especially ones like Aida64 that you pay for!) I've been waiting for something like this for years, and still, nothing.

Disappointing and very frustrating.

Can anyone suggest anything to me? It's likely I've tried it before but I'm pretty desperate.
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