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Why aren't I getting a internet connection through my Ethernet Card?

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OK, here's my problem!

I used to switch to Ethernet Hook-up when my Wireless Adapter was getting a weak single, but since I tried to setup another computer to run through my Ethernet Card and then be able to use my Wireless Adapter (Sharing my Wireless Adapter)

And sadly I couldn't figure it out, so I turned off sharing on my Wireless adapter, and reset my IP Configurations on my Ethernet Card back to "Auto" like it was before

But now I can't get a internet connection with my Ethernet Card, it can't even reconize the Router it just says "Unreconized Network 2" Or something similar

And I need help getting it working again, I've tried everything I can think of, but nothing worked

So please any help would be appreciated, I'm at school right now, but in a few hours I can add more information when I'm at home
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OK I'm still on the computer at school, well we just switched periods, anywho

So anyone got a idea on how to fix this? I'm somewhat of a newb when it comes to networking
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