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why cant i OC?

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everytime i try to oc my cpu my computer just wont boot or continuely restard during boot untill i reset the cmos anyone know why this could be? even if i try the slightest it refuses.

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My first guess is your PSU is not supplying enough power for even a mild overclock.
What settings are you changing?
What kind of RAM do you have
I agree. That sounds power related.

Have you tried a very mild overclock? Like 100mhz?

Most possibly, you're aiming to high and not having the vcore high enough to boot.
i am trying it midley although i havent upped the vcore im new :/ lol
That's a voltage issue, like they said. Up your voltage on the CPU and make shure you don't OC ram along with it,,, gl,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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