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Why doesn't Warhead run faster???

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Hello everyone, I can't seem to figure out why I'm not getting better performance on this game. I read the GTX295 review over at: http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?...50aHVzaWFzdA== , and with one of these cards, on a QX9650 @ 3.66GHZ with DDR3 ram, they were getting playable frame rates at 1920x1200 with all Enthusiast settings and 4xAA.

My pair of 285 SSC's should be faster than one 295, and my CPU is only 50MHz slower. However, playing this game at the exact same settings as they did, I average just under 20 FPS. I doubt my slower ram would make that big of a change, that is all I really see that is different. I have the latest drivers and patches for everything.

Any ideas? Any help will be much appreciated, I spent alot of money to be able to max out this game.
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Try using forceware 181.22 and make you bench it at the same location/map that they did as the maps themselves vary in GPU intensiveness.
Just at work now... But I will try that at home, and let you know how it goes. Thanks!
You should get more then 20fps at those setting unless u have SLi off.
Another thing: I recall there was an SLI related hotfix in vista but since I don't have SLI, I didn't bother with it. It may or may not have been included with SP1.
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yeah, I remember getting those patches too. It's strange because I can play Crysis with 8xAA just fine, and this game is supposed to run smoother.

And yes, the first thing I did was double check SLi was enabled, which it was. I'll try new drivers, because I know I have the power to run faster.

Thanks again for the help everyone!
I think I'm getting 20+ on enthusiast 1920 x 1200 no AA :)
Ok, I re-installed my drivers, and now I'm getting 40+ on enthusiast, 1920x1200, and 8xAA. That's better...
Not bad! That's a greater than 100% improvement.
Alright, having similar issues again, so I thought I'd just revive my first thread. Crysis v1.2.1 really couldn't run much better after I put in my i7 965. Warhead is kind of hit and miss. When I first booted the game, it was at almost 30fps, so still a little choppy (all enthusiast, 8xAA), and my screen looked static-ey. My cards temps were high 50's. I restarted the game, and the static is gone, and it's averaging right around 40fps, with little on screen action.

Does anyone else find Warhead runs slower than Crysis?
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Wow, that doesn't sound right. I am only running a single GTX260 at 1920x1080 8xQAA and I get ~25 or so fps. I am using the 182.06 drivers though. Maybe give those drivers a shot?
no, definitely not. I always get better fps in warhead, than the first crysis.
I just thought I'd chip in for lulZz.

I get 5fps on Enthusiast
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Just to pitch in, I always get a LOT higher FPS in Warhead than in Crysis. I run both without AA since I never do get REALLY good FPS with it on anyway. I use similar configs for both, and I'm pretty sure my Crysis is underperforming or something, since a lot of times, I get 100% better (literally) fps in Warhead.

Hope you get your problems resolved.
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i realy thought it would run smooth on such a system... Hmmm
I have drivers 182.46, the latest beta. I'll give 182.06 a whirl if they are working better. But yeah, I'm surprised by warhead. It's almost like I'm missing an SLi profile for it, but I wouldn't know how to check. It seems like SLi is working, based soley on the fact that both GPU's get hot while playing.

Originally Posted by Canada Guy View Post
Wow, that doesn't sound right. I am only running a single GTX260 at 1920x1080 8xQAA and I get ~25 or so fps. I am using the 182.06 drivers though. Maybe give those drivers a shot?
I hope these work, it looks like they do for you!

On a side note, when updating drivers, is it best to remove all the drivers, remove the second gpu, then reinstall driers, then add the card back in? Or is it safe to simply update the drivers without removing the card?
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now that you already have the card installed, just do a normal uninstall, driver cleaner/sweeper in safe mode, reboot and install new drivers.
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