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I was reading Maximum PC because I subscribe to 3 PC magazines (PC World, PC Gamer, Maximum PC, btw if you know of another good magazine I will try it on my Amazon Kindle)

I remember buying an OCZ Vertex 3 120GB last year on sale for $80. It's regular price was around $120. I noticed that even as close as last year, SSDs were about $1 per GB on average if you just estimate. In Maximum PC I saw a 1TB Samsung SSD for $650. Just ballparking it, that about 65-66 cents per GB even if you add the 24 GBs to make it a true 1TB. At this rate, it seems like SSDs will come down in price so much that they will replace HDDs for all but the oldest or most specialized systems in the next 5 years. For instance, if I was working in an IT dept. and I had the choice between a 250GB SSD or 250GB HDD then I might choose the SSD for my workstations because of the speed and reliability.

And this brings me to the PS4. Yes, I am a console gamer as well (GASP!) and Sony lets people use their own HDDs or SSDs in their system. This is more future proof than Microsoft which will need their proprietary HDD in their system and if they eventually move to SSD in 2-3 years, then just imagine how much up the arse they will charge for it.

What do you guys think?
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