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why is my picture all fuzzy?

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Hey, I set up this rig a few days ago... (rig #2 in my profile) and I just took it and hooked it up to my TV. I used an S-video cable out the back of my 6600GT to the input on my TV. The picture is fine when the computer POSTs and even if I enter the BIOS... it's all good until windows boots. then everything is fuzzy. I've tried different resolutions and refresh rates, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried to have the TV as the primary display and the monitor as primary. I've tried to have only the TV and nothing seems to work.

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Originally Posted by soloz2

hmm... well I tried 640x480 and it doesn't seem much better...I'm restarting to see if that helps.

I'm really kicking myself fornot getting a HDTV a few months ago... I wanted to get a 26" HDTV and my wife was like no, we only have regular cable and yeah... really kicking msyelf for giving in cause now I don't have any money to get HDTV

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