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Why is my Quad core so hot?

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I just installed water cooling for my cpu. Its a Q6700. Im getting 46 degrees at idle from Coretemp. I havnt tried running it under 100% load due to the fact that im afraid of the temperatures jumping into the mid 60s again and perhaps beyond.

I just reseated it today. I used the line method with the grease and i did the clock and counter clock with the waterblock at about 3 degrees. to remove bubbling. So the seat is good. I just dont know what to do next to bring the temp down.
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Because it has 4 cores producing heat on a 65nm process. And it's highly clocked. And you have a TT Big Water (t3h suck).
Cgrado.....'nuff said
For whatever reason, Extremes actually seem to be running hotter than Q6600's.

However, with water, 46c idle is kinda ridiculous. Did you use too much TIM perhaps?
i def got the seating and thermal quantity right. I did it 3 times. and every time i got about the same results. I used about a grain of rice in thickness across the chip just as the arctic silver website suggests.

The bigwater was def a mistake.
It's the bigwater lol. The only decent watercooling from Thermaltake is the Tidewater, and that can take a few mods to increase performance straight out of the box.
Hi IIJohnnyII,

Pardon me for asking, but did you lap the your CPU's heat spreader? The heat spreader on the Q6600 I have was really concave before lapping. Put against a flat surface it would only make contact around the edges before it was lapped. And the CPU cores only touches the heat spreader in the center, which would make for a really unhappy combination....

Hope you get things sorted out.

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