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Why isn't everyone using HyperDrive5's?

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I found this site which claims to utilize RAM for HD storage.

http://www.hyperossystems.co.uk/ Select "SATA2 DDR2 HyperDrive5"

It's not the cheapest but it does have some impressive numbers. The site seems a little out of date and it's very hard to find any information on this device anywhere. My question is, why didn't this technology take off? Even for being out of date the numbers still seem rather high. Does anyone use this device hear which could comment or has anyone even heard of it?
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8/16GB limitation.... Data loss if battery power is lost. GigaByte has one called iRAM.

There are high-end enterprise RAMDrives but they are extremely expensive.
it's too expensive

you pay $449 for the 2GB unit, and then if you want a max of 64GB, you need to buy 8x 8GB sticks...any idea what those go for? then there's the need for battery to power the RAM all the time, any loss of power and everything's gone
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