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why the low ppd? help...

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Alright so I installed an 8800GS into my sig rig to fold some moar... but after running for 24hrs, fahmon is still only reporting it to bring about 2k ppd... anyone have any idea why its producing such low ppd? I was expecting about twice that.

flags: -gpu 1 -advmethods -forceasm




it's been crunching alot of the 420s recently.

it's stably OCd from 580/900/1400 to 735/1836/1800

any help appreciated

drivers are 180.60, and it is the 96sp version of the card. XFX 8800 GS Alphadog edition with 384mbs of GDDR3 RAM

it is also the console client
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Originally Posted by Lyric View Post
did you check your fahlog.txt? It may be stopping / starting with the error unstable_machine, I had a similiar issue and was wondering why the low PPD.

I know you say your overclock is stable, mine was too for gaming in Crysis, GTA IV, 3DMark06 Benchmark, 3DMark Vantage for hours, and even ran FurMark for 3 hours stable, etc....but it simply wouldn't run [email protected] GPU2 Client...had to lower my overclock to get that error to stop.

I know we have completely different cards, but just thought I'd drop in and try to help. =)
just checked my fahlog, no UNSTABLE_MACHINE errors, all WUs completed fine... crunch times are high though, @ about 3.5min/% so i think that has something to do with it...


Originally Posted by coolaide View Post
Im only getting 2200ppd on my 8800gt at stock speeds running the system tray edition. I thought i would get more too.
well A) try overclocking the shaders, and memory

B) are you using the advmethods flag or forceasm flag?
C) are you using the tray client? if so swap to the console

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Originally Posted by blupupher View Post
why the -forceasm tag? I have never used it before.
I have noticed a big point difference between the 420 pointers (but not that low).

Wait, do you have the 8800GTX still in there also? Are you folding on it too? You may be having a conflict (due to different shader counts) between the 2 cards so it is not using the 8800GS to it's fullest.
ahhhh interesting point I guess... and damn that sucks...

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alright, still only get 2k ppd on this card.... upped the clocks and shaders a bit more, and did a complete driver reinstall/update, all to no avail... any other ideas are welcome... I'd love to use the full potential of this card... maybe I'll throw it in one of my farms with the other cards, after a 1x PCI-E slot mod...
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