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Those look pretty good. How much did it lower your temps?

Mediocre lapping/mediocre parts.

CPU looks scratchy. When lapping did you move the CPU in a "figure 8" pattern?
When you changed grits, did you thoroughly clean off all the old grit from the CPU?
What was the finest paper you used?

The older TDX blocks came with iinserts that controlled the force of the water hitting the bottom of the block inside. If yours came with those, have you tried different ones?

Have you tried a fan with higher CFM on the rad?

And, yes, the heat rise you saw when leak testing was due to the heat dump of the pump.
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Originally Posted by eflyguy View Post
Hard to say - switched to water, and from OCZ Freeze to AS5, as well as lapping both the CPU and block, all at the same time. Initial results are not promising - http://www.overclock.net/water-cooli...-expected.html

I am not on water yet, but from what i was reading and saw in your picture in the other thread it looks like you may need to rethink you loop order. You will probably also need a bigger rad for the CPU/GPU to get better temps.
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600-1000-2000 grit, cleaned b/w each one. Lapping is good, especially considering how convex the CPU block was.

Was told loop order is not that critical, as temps stabilize throughout loop. I've since validated that.

Discussing this in WC forum, however..
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