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Why you should never buy a RAIDMAX PSU.

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It's sad b/c this pissed me off a lot more than my bro, but he had a 700W modular PSU. Yes, of course it's more like a generic 500W, but even that old crappy Apevia 500W I used to have could power a pretty hefty rig. He had purchased the same board as I, but he got a PII 710 and 8 gigs of the same RAM. He messaged me about 5 minutes ago saying that the PSU took everything. It took the board, the CPU, his DVD burner, and even his HDD's (he'd just bought an external to have a nice official backup of his files too). The only thing he thinks that didn't go, was the RAM, but there's no way to be sure. I kinda raged at this because I mean...even a PSU rated for 700W should be able to boot his rig. I mean, the CPU and RAM were probably the most energy hogging things. I mean he had an ATI x1600 for Christ's sake. Now my bro wants to buy an iMac. This is why you should never buy RAIDMAX.

Want more results of inefficiency? The same setup under 100% load (which a computer doesn't need 100% load to boot up necessarily) says that a phenom II 920 rig should put out 384W MAX. And they usually overestimate just a little...so a 700W PSU couldn't handle a 710 x3 and a 1600xt...FAIL. Oh, just for some info, he said it posted and turned on for all of about 45 seconds and then he smelled something like a burning smell and then it just gave out.

Here is the one he had: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16817152030

This is my warning to you...
Oh, and /endrant.
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Looking at the specs, it looks like they took an older psu and updated it to be modular. IDK really, but that's what it looks like.
I had the 630w CRAPmax PSU blow up on me. Fortunately for me, it didn't claim anything else with it. Sorry to here about the loss and I hope everything works out somehow.
Im sorry for your brother, though it isnt like no one knows that raidmax makes terrible psu's.

Hopefully hes able to salvage a few more parts.
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Yeah, he just got the parts from newegg, so we're hoping they'll be really cool about it. I mean, I told him that RAIDMAX wasn't the best, but I really didn't expect a 400 watt system to blow a 700 watt PSU. Kinda lame...I should send raidmax a "nice" little letter.
why not? lol jk it's the worst brand cause it dies like in a month. many bad reviews over the net
Yeah, it was crazy. It ran his 939 rig, that actually might have only been like 50 watts less than this rig. I mean, even Apevia isn't that bad.
Im using a Raidmax PSU since christmas. Came with my case, but still going strong
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Originally Posted by amder View Post
Im using a Raidmax PSU since christmas. Came with my case, but still going strong

your crazy doing that with a G80 8800GTS :s

OT: really hope you can salvage some part.
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yeah, well newegg is usually pretty awesome about things, so hopefully they will exchange the parts.
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